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An interesting survey was released this week from PR Agency Weber Shandwick, who set out to map trend clusters which are predicted to shape Aussie food culture.

Anyone who’s been in the food scene for the past 10 years will know – food preferences and consumption have changed. According to News Limited, around 9% of consumers will eat out in December, and IBISWorld Australia predicts that cafe revenue will grow 32% over the next 5 years.

Good news!

So how does one cafe or restaurant stand out from another?

From a marketer’s perspective one would say look at the trends and work with your chef. You may not need to change your menu items completely, but think about your menu marketing messaging.

Think back 5 years – how many cafes and restaurants indicate vegetarian or gluten free items? 5 years ago only a few. Fast forward to 2011, it’s quite common.

So here’s a summary from the Weber Shandwick survey. Top Food trends predicted for 2012:

Gourmet grub
Global flavor combinations
Farm to Fork – diners want more information on where food products come from
Sustainable products
When putting together messaging on your restaurant or cafe website, have a think how you might be able to take advantage of these trends.

Stay tuned for more restaurant marketing tips!

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