How to set up Google Analytics for your Restaurant Website

One of the best things about having a website is having the ability to virtually watch and track all your website visitors, and all the date associated with it.

All websites MUST have Google Analytics — no exceptions — because it’s FREE;  you can track what people are doing in your website; you find out who they are in terms of demographic, geography, and interests online; you can find out which are the most popular pages on your website; and so much more!

Here’s how to set it up on your Restaurant Website:

1. Go to and select on “For Small Businesses”

2. Select “Analytics.”

3. Select “Start for free.”

4. Fill up the respective fields.

5. Once done, click on “Get Tracking ID.”
That’s it! You should now see your Tracking ID. Congratulations!

6. Once you have a Tracking ID, you will need to install Google Analytics on your website. You can ask your developer to install this for you or you can do this yourself.To do it yourself, copy and paste the tracking code (below) and make sure you install it on EVERY PAGE on your website.If your website is using WordPress, simply install the Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin and under Settings, manually enter your UA code (just copy and paste everything after “Tracking ID” from your Google Analytics screen).  Do this one every single page of your website. 

NOTE: Be sure to copy and paste YOUR specific code and not the one in the above screenshot – each UA code is unique to one Google Account.

If you are a beginner, there’s a lot to learn about Google Analytics, but we promise it will be useful and easy-to-understand.

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