Episode 10: Purpose and Culture in your Restaurant with Nick Sarillo

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We talk to Nick Sarillo, authour of A Slice of the Pie, and talk about Purpose and Culture.

We discuss what is Culture, how to come up with your purpose and values, how it can help you with hiring and retention. We also discuss Open Book accounting – what is it, how does it work and how can it benefit your Restaurant.

Nick runs one of the largest independant Pizza Restaurants in the United States and has focused on the Culture at Nick’s Pizza and Pub for many years. He has studied widely in the area and has immense practical experience in building a business with a great culture.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Nick’s excellent book – A slice of the Pie.  This book should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating running a Restaurant.

The Great Game of Business – This is shipping to me from Amazon now.  I really want to move to open book accounting.  It sounds like it makes management a lot easier because you can delegate responsibility for numbers.

Nick’s Pizza and Pub – Hoping to visit next time we are in the Windy City.

Nick’s University – Learn more about online courses from Nick about Trust and Track and Interview and Hiring.

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