Your Restaurant – Your Masterpiece.

Your Menu – Your Works of Art.

Every day.  You’re creating your art works, combining your passion, your innovation, your techniques and your ingredients to create just in time masterpieces

Every day you create just in time artwork with time sensitive ingredients, on demand  for a fickle and changing audience and get paid virtually nothing for it.

The Masterpiece is too big for one person so you have a team.  Some share your passion, some don’t, some  share your skills, some don’t, some turn up for work, some don’t.

Creating your masterpiece is hard work, and if no one knows about your art, your talent, your masterpiece, then is it for nothing?

Sometimes you need a little hand.  That’s what we do.  We’re artists too.

Restaurant Gothic

Restaurant Gothic. Watercolour on Dreams. Captures the struggles of a Midwest wife and husband team to build their family Restaurant business

Persistence of Lemons

The Persistence of Lemons:  An homage to one of Australia’s most creative chefs.

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