Secret page: Day 2 – Add a special menu item

Today, on Day 2 of the 7-day Restaurant Marketing Challenge, we challenge you to whip up something different and add it on your menu. Offering limited-only menu items will give your loyal customers something to be excited about. And it’s a chance for them to fall in love with your restaurant all over again.

  • How do you start engineering your menu?
  • Come up with a special menu item.
  • For inspiration, listen to this Innovation and Creativity podcast
  • Cost the menu item.
  • How much time to create?
  • Something that looks good on Instagram.
  • If you can’t do an item, do an event. Maybe a dark event.
  • Fuse two wonderful dishes in one: Butter Chicken Dumpling!

Remember that cronut craze that famed chef Dominique Ansel invented? That’s the product of a crazy food idea. And that’s the kind of stuff people go crazy for!
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