132: 8 Easter Marketing Ideas For Your Restaurant

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Is your restaurant hosting an Easter Egg Hunting this year? Easter is fast approaching and we have created 8 Easter Marketing Ideas that will also work for any national observances and holidays.

Now is the time to gauge if your restaurant will be open for Easter. If you are located in a touristy spot, then consider this as an opportunity, Make sure that your customers know that you are open for brunch and dinner. This is a great way to promote your restaurant and run activities for families, especially for the kids.

Start planning this week with our 8 Easter Marketing Ideas


1. Support an activity held by your local church and hand out flyers that your restaurant is open to serve the community after church service.

2. Hold an Egg hunt for your customers especially for the young ones. Egg hunting never gets old even for the adults. Make sure to get the word out to attract as many people as possible. Make sure you have enough eggs too.

3. Make use of famous bunny characters and create a campaign out of them. Listen to the podcast and get to know some famous bunnies that we like.

4.Quite aggressive but how about creating some rabbit dishes.

5.Easter Vegan Menu

6.Experiment with beverages that go well with chocolate.

7. Be playful with your menu. Add chocolate as a key ingredient to some of your menu items.

8..Playboy Bunny Moulds

These are just one of the many things we discuss with our SEO plus customers, Aside from keeping the website up and running, we also look for opportunities on big holidays. We think what’s the next one coming up and make sure that we are prepared 90 days before the event.

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