Emergency Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant

Date: 23-08-2016

Emergency Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant

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We look at the steps that you need to take to create a quick and dirty Facebook marketing campaign to get an injection of cash for when money is tight.

First, we look at the new Loyalty discounts feature in our Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system.

We look at the first Michelin Starred street food hawker.  His commitment to excellence is a really inspiring storing.  Have a quick look at the video.

What is the photo that you are going to use?  We talk about the cheapest way to get a decent photo of the food you need for emergency Facebook marketing.

Restaurant food photos
Here is an example of a photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 – perfect for a restaurant website. Good lighting goes a long way for a great photo.


What is the offer you should use and who will you targeting with it?  We look at some interesting targeting options that can work well with different types of offers.

How much should you spend in your Facebook Marketing campaign.

What are the best times to run the ads?

We also look at how to measure how well it has worked.
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