138 – 10 Ideas To Help You Improve Profitability As You Reopen Your Restaurant After COVID-19

Ideas to help you Improve Profitability as you reopen your restaurant

Ideas to help you Improve Profitability as you reopen your restaurant.

Our last episode looked at how to build a Restaurant Take Out Business to survive COVID-19.  This has been one of our most popular episodes!

We talked about how to build a restaurant take out business to survive Coronageddon. This included simplifying orders, building an image of safety and reliability, and using online delivery services like FROLO.

But while having a good take out system is effective, it is just one aspect to making it through the pandemic. COVID-19 has greatly impacted the economy, changing the way restaurant businesses should be run. If you want your restaurant to survive and make money, you must be willing to make several key adjustments. 

Today, we go over 10 ideas to help you improve profitability as you reopen your restaurant during and after COVID-19. These important ideas include rebuilding your team, defining your target market, and looking at all of your available revenue streams. We go in depth on all of those and more, so make sure to listen to the whole episode.

Check out our free restaurant online ordering system.  It’s  free, integrates with Stripe and notifies you on mobile, PC, email and Epson TM-82 docket printer.

To help you through the crisis, we have our Free Restaurant Tools, and if you need more help, contact the team about our special marketing assistance program during the Coronavirus outbreak.  FROLO signups have jumped up quite a lot as Restaurants pivot to delivery or pickup only.

Have a listen to the podcast and see what concepts Restaurants have been dealing with this week.


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