19 – Smart Pizza Marketing with Pizza Marketing Expert Bruce Irving

Date: 17-04-2016

Smart Pizza Marketing

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Bruce Irving, the Founder of Smart Pizza Marketing is one of the foremost experts on Pizza marketing, working with many Pizza Restaurants to help them find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.

In this podcast we discuss how Restaurants are using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and a range of other tools to build their businesses.

We also look at what is required to build your restaurant from 1 location to multiple locations and the mindset that Bruce sees in his successful Pizza Restaurant customers.

Bruce is a big believer in Snapchat, so have a listen and see how he is using it and how he sees Restaurants using it as well to build a loyal following on this rapidly developing social medium.  Some people are picking 2017 to be the year that Snapchat goes mainstream, which means that if you are looking for something to clearly set your Marketing apart from the crowd, now is the time you want to be building up your Snapchat skills and followers.

We talk email marketing and how important it is for Restaurants.  Bruce and I share a lot of common thoughts on the power of email marketing, being on medium that Restaurants can truly control.

We look at how Pizza Restaurants can and should compete against third party online ordering companies like Grub Hub and Menulog.

Lastly we talk about Masterminds – getting groups of Restaurant owners together to discuss the issues that everyone has in common to make it easier to run your Restaurant.

Check out Bruce’s website for more great Restaurant Marketing ideas and details of his Masterminds.

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Smart Pizza Marketing
We talk to Bruce Irving from Smart Pizza Marketing about how to grow your Pizzeria.

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