Monthly Archives: August 2011

Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Restaurant in Melbourne goes into administration

Date: 22-08-2011

It was sad to see that Gordon Ramsay’s Maze and Maze Grill go into liquidation this week. It really highlights some of the difficulties in running a restaurant. It doesn’t look like Gordon Ramsay had much to do with the day to day running of Maze, but with his name as a big drawcard, great location at Crown Promenade and… More »

Why Yellow Pages ads just don’t work anymore for Restaurants

Date: 18-08-2011

I was reading about the Sensis full year profit report for 2011 and one figure really stands out, and that is a fall of 15.8% in the print directory business. Why would profit drop by such a large number? That is nearly 1 in 6 customers cancelling their Yellow Pages ad. I can’t say for sure, but I have two… More »

My recipe for Cheese on Toast is your recipe for disaster!

Date: 04-08-2011

Sun Tzu spoke about the importance of knowing your enemy, so who do you think your enemy is? When I speak to most restaurant and take away owners they will list a couple of other restaurants and take aways in the area, but they neglect the most dangerous competitor of all, the competitor to which you lose out to on… More »