Episode 3: Basic Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant

Facebook is the Number 1 Social Media Marketing platform for many Restaurants.  We look at some of the mistakes that people make with their Facebook page and some great examples of Facebook tactics to build your Community.  We also go through the different types of content that work well on Facebook.  More importanmtly we talk about ways to generate that Facebook content as quickly and easily as possible.

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In this Episode you will learn:

The 3 most common mistakes that Restaurants make with Facebook Marketing
The objectives of your Facebook page.   How to build a community and get your brand out there
The roadmap to your first 100 likes
Great ways to rapidly build your community. (We had one Restaurant go from 100 likes to 1,000 in 6 weeks with this one!)
The one app you need to help you manage your Facebook Page
The difference between organic and paid reach and why you should worry
The different types of content for Restaurants on Facebook

If you aren’t going Facebook Marketing for your Restaurant, there is plenty of information about how to start and if you already have a Facebook Page there are plenty of tips to help you build your community.

Remember, Facebook Marketing for Restaurants is not about how many likes you have, it is about having the right objectives, and that is usually finding more new customers and turning them into repeat customers.

Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Similan Thai
Paramount Coffee Project

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