Monthly Archives: April 2012

Why Restaurant Marketing is a continual cycle

Date: 30-04-2012

Recently I asked my ex-restaurateur mother why she bothered to advertise our restaurant every fortnight even though we were always busy. Her reply:  “So customers knew we hadn’t closed down”. That got me thinking, maybe she’s right. With so many restaurants and cafes closing down these days, do customers need to be reminded that you’re still in business? The Awareness… More »

The Secrets to a Successful Restaurant!

Date: 11-04-2012

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival came and went in March. The idea of heaven for chronic foodies! As customers, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival gives us an excuse to try new restaurants, or rub shoulders with our food and wine “stars” at educational themed events. During the festival I was delighted to do a “Through the Back Door” tour of Donovan’s in… More »

Social media, the new Word-of-mouth marketing

Date: 10-04-2012

Does the sight of customers tapping on mobile phones at your restaurant or cafe annoy you? Well it shouldn’t! Whether you know it or not, they may well be your best Word-of-mouth marketers. Mobile Check-in’s on Facebook and Foursquare are having phenomenal growth. If you think that social media is for people who like to tell the whole world about… More »