2016 Election Campaign to Cut Unfair Restaurant Taxes

With the upcoming Federal Election Restaurant owners need to think about who they will be voting for,  everyone seems to have a reason you should vote for them and so the M4R Team thought we would would come up with our Election Policies for 2016!  Too many Restaurants are paying too many Restaurant Taxes to be profitable.  We need to change that.

Cutting every unfair Restaurant Tax is a key part of Elections that are going to be held in Australia and we are making our commitment to help Restaurants.

  1.  Cut unfair Restaurant Taxes:  Our Free Online Restaurant Booking (FORBS)and Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering (FROLO) systems save you money everytime someone books or orders online.  Online ordering and booking should be free and easy for customers AND for the Restaurants.  Our Booking system has taken over $15,000,000 worth of bookings for our customers.  That’s a big saving!
  2. Free Education for Restaurant Owners – Our Podcast has now been downloaded in over 102 countries.  Designed so you can download the app and listen to the podcasts in the car while driving to work, Secret Sauce – the Restaurant Marketing Podcast, provides you with the latest ideas in Restaurant Marketing.  Educated Restaurant Owners make more money and this is the easiest way to teach yourself online marketing.
  3. Stop Restaurant Brandjacking – There is a current ACCC investigation in Australia into Brandjacking and the recent merger.  Have your say and help stop potential abuse of market power as Menulog starts to increases fees it charges for orders.Restaurant Tax
  4. Your Restaurant – Your Brand.  Moving your restaurant online means being able to interact with your customers directly, not through an online booking or ordering company.  That is really important. Never let another company come between you and your customers.
  5. Build you email Database – not someone else’s.  Free booking and ordering services help you grow your email marketing database.  The size of your email database can significantly alter the valuation of your business.
  6. Big Data for Small Restaurants.  Big business has been using Big Data for a while now to better understand their marketing and their customers.  With our latest Restaurant Big Data Marketing Metrics email, our customers are now getting a really good understanding of how their marketing is going compared to other Restaurants, where they need to improve and most importantly, the best way they can do that.

Say NO to being taxed for every booking you take!

Say NO to being taxed on every online order you take!

If you need help finding more customers and turning them into repeat customers, contact the M4R team and we can start getting you busy again!

A fair days wage for a fare days work!


You’ve got great food, you provide great value and great experiences, now you just need great marketing!

***Obviously we aren’t running for election.  If we were we would address Penalty Rates, abuse of market power by landlords, unfair dismissal and a range of other things that make it harder for Restaurant owners to run their Restaurants – but we are trying to do our bit to make it a little easier to be a little more profitable and leave work a little earlier to spend more time with your family.   Let us know what else we can do to help!

Is Poor SEO Killing Your Restaurant?

Too many times we see customers with websites that are costing restaurants thousands of dollars every month through poor design, poor messaging and poor SEO. If your website could be improved to bring in 200 extra visits per month and just 10% of those made a booking, and each booking was for 2.5 seats on average at $50 a seat, you would have an extra $2,500 in revenue a month. A 30% food cost, that is $1,750 in profit extra a month. This ignores those customers coming back as regulars – which is more profit.

Remember, if these customers aren’t finding your Restaurant, they are finding your competitors.

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