25 – Getting 1 more hour a week to work on your Restaurant, not in it

Date: 27-07-2016

Restaurant Productivity

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We talk about Pokemon Go and why it is a signpost to one of the fundamental changes that is occurring for small businesses and Restaurants in particular. Some Restaurants are crushing this change and others are ignoring it at their peril.

Chicken Vindaloo Dim sims.  Just saying…..

We look at some great tips to help you increase personal productivity and the way that you work.

Look at the activities that you are spending time on, delegate, create procedures, hiring, multitasking the right way, automating systems, look after yourself with sleep and exercise, and last but not least – marketing :).

Check out Confluence for a way to store your policies and procedures.

Check out Eric Cacciatore’s Restaurant Unstoppable podcast.

Xero – cloud based accounting system that can cut the time you spend on accounting.

Too many Restaurant owners work too many hours for too little reward –  starting to work on your business is the start of making the change to the type of Hospitality business that you want to run, so you should find some ideas to be able to get that 1 hour.  You will find that 1 hour on the business will return to you many hours of time saved down the track and you can use that extra time to continue to work on the business and then you are on the track to building a great profitable hospitality business.  🙂


Have a busy day!

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