31 – How to build a Free CRM system for your Restaurant

Date: 29-10-2016

Free restaurant CRM system

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We talk about using Prisma, a new and exciting app available on Android and Chrome to help you create very sharable content for solution media.

Building a free CRM System

What is a CRM system,  what is CRM – a process for building information about your customers and leads, and your relationships with the customer

The goals of your CRM system should be:.

  1. Improve marketing effectiveness –  decrease the cost to acquire a customer and increase long term customer value.  eg fish and chip shop.
  2. Increased personalized service or one to one service: Identify people for face to face interactions.
  3. Responsive to customer’s needs: Customers’ situations and needs can be understood by the firms focusing on customer needs and requirements.[
  4. Customer segmentation:
  5. Improve customization of marketing:
  6. Multichannel integration: Integrating across multiple marketing channels.
  7. Time saving: Point and shoot marketing.
  8. Improve customer knowledge: Feedback about the food, experience and value.

Your new CRM System needs to be very cost effective, very time effective and very simple to use.  We look at the parts that make up a CRM system and then, how we build a free Restaurant CRM system

Gather information about your customers.  Purchases, bookings, , frequency, recency,birthdays, preferences

Free Restaurant Online Ordering System, and the Free Online Restaurant Booking System.

Big data for your Restaurant.  Every Monday we benchmark every one of our customers against other Restaurants.  so you know if you are doing great and you have some ideas about how to improve if not.

Creating a unified view of customer information across bookings and orders.

Should be electronic.  Called yesterday, had to call back.  She didn’t ask for my name.  Only 3 tables in the Restaurant.  75% is take away.  Online ordering service that is charging 12%.  75% of revenue taxed at 12% and not getting

If you are taking bookings or orders and not collecting emails, you are wasting a huge opportunity.

Mailchimp free for 2,00 contacts .  Many of our customers are using that.

Facebook ads, upload mobile numbers or email addresses.
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