41 – How to market your Restaurant in a Tourist Town

Date: 04-04-2017


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Super excited that we are going to the 2017 NRA Show in Chicago.  It is one of the best educational opportunities for Restaurant owners and chefs to learn and get inspritation on how to better run their restaurant and/or kitchen.

In this Secret Sauce we talk about attracting tourist customers.  A lot of towns get a lot of tourists, but they tend to go to a very small number of Restaurants.  Are you getting your fair share of the Tourists in your area?  If not, we will discuss lots of ideas to help you find more tourist customer and turn them into repeat customers.

Websites are even more important in Tourist areas.  Make sure that it is:

  • Optimised for Google Search;
  • Optimised for mobile (most of your customers will be on mobiles);
  • Links with Google Maps – your Google My Business account, (think about how people can get to your Restaurant); and
  • Have a signature dish on the front page.

If you need help with your Restaurant Website, talk to the M4R team, we have packages starting from $995 to help you start getting more customers.

Facebook ads can run very differently in tourist towns, making it a lot easier to use Facebook, make sure you listen to our Facebook ads in tourist towns run down.

Have you worked with the local Concierges, Hotels, Tour Operators, and airport tourism guides?

We have a discussion about the issues with Tripadvisor and Yelp and some of your options for dealing with them.  Do you actively manage them, ignore them, build your own channel for customers?


We talk about Trip Guidse and some ideas about how to be listed in those Top 10 things to do in YOUR TOWN.

We look at Lonely Planet and the effect that it had for Ferg Burger.

What is your signature dish, does it fit in with your tourist message and how are you marketing it?

Skyline Restaurant

What can you sell? T-Shirts, sauces?  Part of something to take home for the tourists?

Seasonality is always an issue, so we talk about building a database and focusing on locals for the quiet times. You will have your regulars, even if it is only every two years.

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