59 – Creating a Story for your Restaurant

Date: 02-10-2017

restaurant story

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The team at Marketing4Restaurants.com have been busy creating our first courses for Restaurant owners. We are about to open the Marketing4Restaurants University.  We are creating a series of online courses to take you by the hand and skill up you and your team on how to run your own Restaurant marketing campaigns.  This is a really exciting development.

We cover what is the story for your Restaurant, what it impacts and why you need one and how to create one.  We go through so examples of Restaurants with great stories.

Is the story for your Restaurant tie in with your Restaurant Business plan?

We look at Paymasters whose story is about great food.  The same with Aangan in Melbourne.  These are Restaurants based on great food.  Too many Restaurants have a story based on great food, when in reality the food isn’t that great.  Not having great food isn’t a big killer, unless that is what your story is.

Jestine’s Kitchen has an amazing example of the kind of story that can work really well.  It has a great reputation and that story really closes the deal when you think about a place to try some real Southern food.  (I loved the Oyster Podboy! and Grits!) 🙂

We talk about the story of Fergburger and who a story can really help your great food get noticed and to really take your business to the next level.  This is the best burger I’ve eaten anywhere and it has become synonymous with with Queenstown.

Stratosfare also in Queenstown.  They have good food, but the thing that makes them a must do destination is the view from the Restaurant.  It is absolutely amazing.

Another great story is Cinnanmon Snail.  An amazing business with ridiculously good food.  Adam is a Vegan and he wants to introduce meat eaters to Vegan food by cooking the tastiest Vegan food ever.  Check out his videos, the food is really amazing.

We talk about how to come up with a story for the local Thai, Chinese or Indian restaurant and how you can bundle that into a story that will help you to attract customer.

We talk about integrating sub stories into your story, so that you can attract more targeted markets in your local area.

Finally we look at Mama’s BBQ Chicken and Salad bar and Waleed Khawli. Waleed runs a local Chicken and Chips shop.  Check out his video that has been seen by 882,642 people.  I think the music is a big part of the virality of this as well as his great dancing skills.

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