93 – How to take a holiday as a Restaurant Owner II

Restaurant Owner Holidays

We discuss the Just Eat half year results.  Our advice is always to try and negotiate on the rates that they charge.  There can be a big variation between the commissions that they charge different restaurants – so negotiate and see how much you can save.  (Or you can get Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering with FROLO) 🙂

This episode covers People and Processes so that you can take a holiday.


We’ve talked to some experts on Restaurant hiring and culture, like Nick Sarillo from Nick’s Pizza and Pub in Chicago and Carrie Luxem, from Restaurant HR Group, about how to hire right for your company and how to retain great people.  Getting the hiring right is a big part of building a strong team and a strong team is a team that can function when you are away on your holiday.


The last P in the 3Ps of taking a holiday is process.  How do you do everything in your Restaurant?  Clear communication about what the job entails and how it needs to be done.

We look at a couple of examples around how process can make a big difference in your business and how it can build trust into your business.  Too many businesses don’t do inventory and they are afraid to leave the business because they are worried that too much stock will walk out the door if they aren’t there.

Too many restaurants are only open when the owner is physical in the Restaurant.  If you had great processes, you can then open longer, which can dramatically increase profitability.  Have a listen to this because it can make a big difference.

Some tech we use are Slack and Zoom.  This helps our teams communicate.  Confluence is a great tool to keep all of your procedures.  This is great for recipes and for all of your opening and closing routine procedures.  IP cameras are a great way to provide a powerful tool to help with trust.  It is good to be able to review the video for instances when a customer claims a hair is in their soup, or someone working the till, or the staff member that doesn’t do any work.

Helping Restaurant owners take a holiday is a big thing for us, so if you’ve used any of our tips or tools to take a holiday, please send us a photo!

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