Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System – Now with Restaurant Docket Printing

Restaurant Docket Printing

The team at Marketing4Restaurants is very excited to announce Restaurant Docket Printing as a new feature for the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system.  We have had hundreds of customers sign up and we now have restaurants using FROLO in 3 countries.

The number 1 feature that people have asked for is Restaurant Docket Printing, so we are very proud to announce that tomorrow we will commence printing for a local Restaurant all of their orders that they receive through FROLO.


Restaurant Docket Printing

Very excited to announce that we are Beta testing docket printing and planning to roll out support globally for docket printing in January!

We have been amazed at the way that order volumes have increased, partially with the increase in Restaurants using FROLO and partially in the increase in orders per Restaurant, specifically once we introduced our Restaurant Loyalty program.

Restaurant Docket Printing a must have for Restaurants doing high volume take out.

“The release of the Restaurant Docket Printing feature for FROLO will see more high volume Take Out restaurants start to use the system,” said James Eling, the Founder of Marketing4Restaurants.  “We have a lot of Restaurants just waiting for this feature to come out so that they can start saving the excessive commission that some of the Online Ordering systems are charging.  We are all about levelling the playing field and making it easier for Restaurants to find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.  FROLO Restaurant Docket Printing is a really big step in that.”

The process, which supports the standard Epson Docket printer, the TM-82II-i, the intelligent POS Printer.  A simple set up process will have Restaurants printing dockets in minutes, and more importantly saving all of that Commission that had been going to the other Online Ordering companies.

The Restaurant Docket Printer Beta will commence this week and extend into early January, before the feature is released out to our new and existing FROLO customers.

To join the list of Restaurants cutting the costs of taking orders online, sign up today for the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System.

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