A report in Management Today talked last year about the large number of UK Restaurants wanting an alternative to the high fees that Just Eat charge.  It stated that 81% of Restaurants paying “between £1,001 and £2,000 a month with Just Eat thought the fees were unfair.”  The average Just Eat commission was £725 per month in fees.  

The article also quoted Luke Johnson who had earlier stated that, “Certainly, I wouldn’t dream of using them in my home-delivery restaurant chain, Feng Sushi. Just Eat’s model reminds me of Groupon: the website takes all the profits, and its customers – the retailers that provide goods, pay rent, staff and so forth – end up with almost nothing. No intermediary can survive long term if its commercial relationship with customers is so one-sided.”

In their company presentation talks about their ability to raise commissions and sign up fees.

Finally, a Just Eat alternative

Marketing4Restaurants.com is extending our Beta trial of the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System to the UK to test our systems.

Looking for a Just Eat Alternative?

Looking for a Just Eat Alternative?


Why is the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering System Free?

This is the number one question we get asked.  here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Building an online ordering system is not super difficult;
  2. We wan’t our local Restaurants who cook great food to be able to compete with the big chains;
  3. We don’t think it is fair that Restaurants are charged to take online orders on their own website; and
  4. If you aren’t getting the email addresses of your customers, you are building someone else’s database, not yours and that isn’t sustainable.

What is the catch?

No catch.  There is a fee from Stripe if you take credit cards which we may make a small (very small) commission off.

We don’t support printers in the kitchen yet.  When we do, there will be some sort of charge for that, but we aren’t sure how that will work.

Want to trial our Just Eat Alternative?

We are looking for a handful of Restaurants in the UK to trial our system before it goes live.

Please sign up for the Free Restaurant OnLine Ordering system.

If you have any requests or ideas, please let us know.  Our system has been designed with the help of hundreds of chefs and restaurant owners just like yourself – we really listen because we really want to help you.


James + the Team