119 – The Real Reasons Why Restaurants Close

Episode 119: The Real Reasons Restaurants are Closing

We recently read an article about a spate of Restaurant closing in Sydney. This podcast discusses some of the reasons why some of the restaurants will close. These are just the show notes. Listen to the podcast on Itunes to get the full explanation of the reasons why restaurants are closing and what you can do to keep your restaurant open.

The Real Reasons Why Restaurants Close

We’ve come up with the reasons why restaurants close. We look at the factors why restaurants shut down in Sydney from economic reasons to poor marketing.

1.Lockout Laws

If you depend on walk-by traffic, it’s about time that you turn your restaurant into a destination restaurant. The kind of restaurant that is worth the special trip because you offer great food experience.

2.Lack of support from the government

The government should encourage small and local startups to expand and should simplify local regulations for starting new businesses. It is a usual scenario to be at the council’s mercy to be granted permits and license but there is always an opportunity to lobby this because of democracy. We can always vote these people out.


It takes time to find the right team for your business. Find your rock stars!

4. Not telling your story effectively online

Take a look at http://paperbirdrestaurant.com/ What’s lacking on this good looking website?

Not secured
No plugins
Only has 1 suburb
Not targeting any niches
No Facebook pixel
The menu does not have a description that ignites the senses

5. The website does not reflect the restaurant’s personality

It’s no secret that running a restaurant is tough work. Restaurants run on passion and creating great food is just 1 part of the job. You might need to seek advice from accounting and HR experts and if Marketing was not your best subject in school then it’s time to get help.

Talk to the experts – The team at Marketing4Restaurants, with customers around the world, have years over experience in helping Restaurants to find more customers and turn them into repeat customers.

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There are 2 types of Restaurant Website visitor – those who know your Restaurant and those who don’t. If your website isn’t set up properly, your regular customers will find your site, but new customers will be going to your competitors down the road.

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