28 – Advanced Facebook Marketing campaigns Part I – Segmenting

Date: 29-08-2016

Facebook Marketing

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We talk about our new Marketing Metrics dashboard, providing detailed information about customers, orders, bookings and Facebook.

We look at the Facebook ad grid, with Avatars and Benefits.  Who are the customers that you are looking for in your area.  If you think it is people who like your cuisine in your local area, you need to be a lot more granular to create marketing campaigns that really resonate with your customers.  This is breaking down your customer base into the specific niches.

We talk about Duncan Robertson from Duncan’s Thai Kitchen.

We go into the Avatars that we created for Rooster Burgers, our test Restaurant and discuss some of the benefits that we would provide those customers.

We talk about some of the ideas to come up with innovative marketing campaigns that can dramatically increase the number of customers that they bring in, along with the segmentation options that are available in Facebook.  Plenty of interesting options that can really help you target new customers very effectively.

We look at how to take great photos for your Restaurant, quickly and easily that will help your create killer marketing campaigns and also be great content for your website.
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