Closed Door Dining at Casa Coupage

Closed door dining has really taken of in Buenos Aires.  It revolves around underground restaurants, where you really need to know someone to find them.  Casa Coupage was recommended by our concierge and they managed to squeeze us in.  You receive the address once you make the booking.  Timings where stressed in the booking and we started to worry when the taxi took longer than expected.  We then spent a frantic 10 minutes running up and down the street trying to find the restaurant.  It isn’t marked, just a street number.  We finally found what we thought was the address, knocked on the door and were incredibly relieved to be met by a lovely waitress welcoming us in.

Casa Coupage is run by two sommeliers.  That isn’t to say that the food is no good, it is great, but the experience was heavily weighted towards the wines.  At one stage 3 lovely reds were bought out, their regions discussed and matchings discussed and then the sommelier said that matchings are a matter of personal choice, and we should experiment to find what worked for us.

Something we found interesting was a magnificent white wine, which when we mentioned it to the sommelier, he was glad we like it and poured us another glass.  We have never seen that with a matching wines degustation menu.  The strength of the sommeliers knowledge, coupled with the great food and the excitement of finding the hidden restaurant a terrific experience.


Just what is behind the mysterious door of Casa Coupage?

Sausages and Red wines.  Terrific matchings for us to play with.



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