Fine Dining at Sea, the Celebrity Solstice

I am a big fan of Celebrity’s kitchens.  I have eaten on Celebrity Solstice and Century and both turn out an incredible number of meals every day at a very high level of quality.  We had one ordinary meal on Solstice, which was the first one after boarding and I think the kitchen might have just been getting up to speed because after that the food in the main dining room was really good to great.  But the magic really happens in the specialty restaurants.  I looked at the menu for Tuscan Grill and nothing really leapt out at me, but word around the ship started to spread that you had to try Tuscan Grill.  We headed off and I tried the steak.  It was incredible.  What makes it truly amazing is the location, right at the back of the ship with massive windows giving an incredible view of the wake.  As the night progressed the sun sank lower and we were treated with an incredible sunset at sea.


This is one of the best steak meals we’ve eaten.



The view from the restaurant is spectacular.



Who wouldn’t enjoy their meal with a view like this.



The meals in Murano were truly fantastic fine dining meals, made all that more exciting with being at sea.

We ate in all of the specialty restaurants, but the food in Murano was really incredible.  There was flambéed lobster and a range of dishes that were extremely well executed.

A special mention needs to be made of the wait staff.  When you eat in a fine dining restaurant, you are usually glowered at when you arrive with children in tow.  On the Century when the children started to play up, the waiters put on impromptu magic shows or made origami animals out of napkins.  When the kids where put in kids club, they were genuinely sad not to see them.  The level of service was very high and also adds immensely to the experience and what is great about cruising.

Being on a ship, where most people will eat in the Main Dining Room anyway and the experiences in the specialty restaurants a heavily subsidized, the economics and intent of the restaurants is slightly different, but the quality of food on Celebrity is one of the main reasons we booked and rebooked – it is just so nice.


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