Submarinos at El Ateno in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

EI Ateno iElAtenos an old theatre which has been converted into a bookstore and part of the book store has been turned into a café.  The bookstore is quite the tourist attraction in it’s own right and the café obviously creates value out of the many foreigners who can’t read Spanish.  Submarinos are quite popular in Argentina, being hot milk into which customers drop a bar of chocolate into and stir.  It creates a great little experience, tastes fantastic and is an incredibly high margin product.  Creating a great experiential meal or drink, especially one which is very high margin is one part of menu engineering that restaurants should focus on to increase the number of repeat customers and to increase the amount of revenue that flows to the bottom line as profit.


Submarino at El Ateno – A bar of chocolate in hot milk, creates a great experience and El Ateno is the perfect place to have one.


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