128 – Biggest Restaurant Trends 2020 – What you need to know for your Restaurant

Restaurant Trends 2020

These are just the Show Notes for the podcast episode.  Listen to the episode to get all of the details about the Restaurant Trends and Food Trends for 2020.

What are the big Restaurant Trends for 2020?  We have been looking at the Food Trends, the Tech Trends, the Restaurant Business Trends and discussing with our customers from around the world to work out the Restaurant Trends for 2020 that will affect your Restaurant.

Restaurant Trends 2020

The biggest Restaurant Trends for 2020 that we think you need to be thinking about for your Restaurant are:

  1. Vegan / Vegetarian / Flexitarian – People’s eating choices are changing and that is creating a big opportunity.
  2. The Death of Fine Dining – There are significant challegnes for fine dining, which will only increase in 2020, but there are opportunities for grand degus and other types of fine dining Restaurants.
  3. Data Rich Restaurant Operations –  More Restaurants are using more data in more ways to improve customer experience.
  4. Delivery – Like it or hate it, delivery from GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, Just EAt, et al is increasing, but smart Restaurants are fighting back.
  5. Wages – Higher wages are forcing some Restaurants to change their business models.
  6. Disruption – A lot of big businesses are looking to disrupt the Restaurant industry in 2020, but we see small Restaurants leveraging their key strengths.
  7. Customer Centric business models – Experience engineering will increase for Restaurants as they look to build on their loyal customer bases.
  8. Decreasing Profitability –  A perenniel problem for Restaurants that is only going to get worse in 2020, but we see a range of trends in the way that business owners are fighting back.

This podcast is part 1 or a 2 part series, be sure to check out the second episode of the series.


Vegan Food Trend

This graph shows the rise of veganism in the United States. This is a key food trend for Restaurants.

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