140 – What is a Restaurant USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Restaurant USP Unique Selling Proposition

This episode looks at what a Restaurant USP – Unique Selling Proposition is.  What are they, why are they important and what they can do for your Restaurant?

Our last episode looked at how to plan to reopen your Restaurant with the new COVID-19 normal.  Have a listen for some great tips to help you survive the coronapocalypse.

What is a Restaurant USP?

On the podcast, we discuss how a Unique Selling Proposition for your Restaurant can work to increase profits in your Restaurant.  Have a listen as we going into the Restaurant USP concept in a lot more detail.

Restaurant USPs are not used often, but we think they are a great tool for communicating to your customer that 1 thing that makes you different from all of your competitors.

A Restaurant USP – unique selling proposition is that unique benefit exhibited by your Restaurant, be it a part of the food, location, service or experience that enables your Restaurant to stand out from competitors.  Your Restaurant’s USP  must be a feature that highlights something that is meaningful to consumers.

A restaurant USP is your elevator pitch, your 30 seconds of fame that tells a potential customer about the one thing that IS PERCEIVED to be better in your restaurant than your competitors.

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Have a listen to the podcast and get a better understanding of Restaurant USPs.

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