7 Lessons for running your Restaurant from Game of Thrones

Date: 07-04-2014

Tyrion Lannister – Strengths and Weaknesses.

got4Tyrion is a dwarf in a world that is ruled by tall warrior kings.  He will never be a great warrior – he knows it, he accepts it and becomes one of the most powerful characters in Kings Landing by focusing on his strengths.  He is smart, educated and introspective.  He looks critically at the Empire his family rules and recognises it for all it’s strengths and weaknesses, along with his own strengths and weaknesses.

Every restaurant has weaknesses, whether it is poor location, expensive staff, poor access to fresh produce, but what are your strengths?  Are they great flair for creative menus, building a team that delivers great customer service, running a great kitchen?

What are your personal strengths and weaknesses and how have you built your team around them?

Let me give you some advice, bastard.  Never forget what you are.  The rest of the world will not.  Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.

– Tyrion Lannister to Jon Snow

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