130 – 7 tips for Restaurant Profitability in 2020

Restaurant Profitability

7 Tips For Restaurant Profitability in 2020

Hopefully, you have learned some bit from my 2 part episode on Restaurant Trends 2020. If not, you can catch up on

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before you jump into this episode.

We discuss these 7 tips that can make your restaurant as profitable as possible this 2020


1.Review your Personal Goals

What are your goals? Where do you see your restaurant in 5,10 years’ time? You should set your goals and write them down. Having it written down will give you something to constantly think about and drive towards it.

2.Cost Your Menu

If you have not costed your menu yet, then you are not driving your service people to sell your most profitable menu item.

3.Engineer That Menu

You can not have a menu that is not properly costed out. Have a listen to a recent episode about the BCG Matrix  to help you decide which products to discontinue, invest or develop

4.Build The Team That You Want

You do not want to be the only smartest person in the room but you’d rather have a team that can come up with ideas. You want your people who share your vision and culture. These people are the ones who dealing with your customers on a daily basis. The more they are engaged in your business, the more they will be engaged with your customers. You need to hold people accountable for what they need to do.

5.Innovation and Creativity 

This can be a part of your menu engineering. With customers, tastes and dining experiences changing, you need to  keep up with the demand and recreate. These involve your restaurant process, concepts, and your menu items.

6.Online Ordering

Online ordering may not be suited to all restaurant models but should you consider it then think about an order direct campaign. You should drive people to order directly from you and save money on commissions.

7.Review Your Website and Marketing

A regular website gets  11,000 visits per month, that ‘s a truckload of people. Your website is one of your key salespeople that works 24/7 that can bring in more customers. You can be ranking as the best restaurant in a particular suburb but you have to cover all bases. That means you should be ranking on major niches as well like functions, vegan gluten-free and family-friendly.

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