Chefs Table at Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco.

Wayfare Tavern has a policy of keeping tables spare for walk ins.  A couple of San Fran locals had recommended it and we thought we would chance it.  The waitress at the front said “I’m sorry, we only have 2 seats at the Chef’s Table, would that be OK?”  We thought about it for half a second and accepted.  It is a great experience to watch a good fining restaurant’s kitchen in full fury.  Everything is on show and nothing can be hidden.  The food of course was great, but being able to watch the kitchen working away incredibly professionally makes a good night into an awesome experience.  The chef’s table adds so much value, it is surprising that not more restaurants do it.  Of course having everything on show means that you have to run your kitchen with everything being on show, and for many restaurants, this may not be a good thing!  But for those that can pull it off, the chef’s table is a great idea to build engagement with your customers and create an incredible experience for them.


All of the action is on display at Wayfare Tavern’s great chefs table.


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